AUBOCASSA, twenty years making the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Majorca

Manacor, November 2018.


AUBOCASSA celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Founded in 1998, AUBOCASSA is a pioneer in both Majorca and Spain of the new concepts in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, where yields take second place and landscape sensations take centre stage.


La finca donde se elabora, ubicada en un idílico paraje de Manacor (Mallorca), ha inaugurado recientemente su Olive Oil & Wine Bar abriendo las puertas al oleoturismo con experiencias para toda la familia.
At a twelfth century estate located in the Majorcan Pla in the Manacor area, a project to develop a new concept in extra virgin olive oil has now been progressing for two decades.


Following the same principles that govern wine production, the owners of Bodegas RODA began their journey in the world of olive oil, which shares several characteristics with wine: both are extracted from a small fruit, maintain the fruit aromas, surrender to the nature in their production process and are able to transmit the sensations of the landscape where they grew.


Just like in the vineyards, the olive growing system employed at AUBOCASSA is respectful with the native soil, flora and fauna, using few fertilisers and plant protection products as possible. On the property, the soils are maintained with natural grass to prevent erosion and foster beneficial insect reproductive cycles.


AUBOCASSA works from both tradition and innovation, a combination that seeks to optimise the quality of its oils, preserving the ancestral qualities of the Arbequina variety. Its main objective is to convey the sensations of the estate and the island of Majorca. Its oil mill was inaugurated in 2015. It is the only one in Spain that allows the oil to be extracted as the olives are being harvested, doing away with the usual waiting and transport periods. The oil is made through a process that modifies the olive paste malaxing and temperature control system, using a heat exchanger to achieve optimum temperature in a few seconds, shortening the time it the paste spends in the malaxer and ensuing oxidations that lead to the loss of aromas.


Arbequina is the key figure in AUBOCASSA. It is an olive variety that adapts particularly well to the lands of Majorca. The tree has medium vigour and a weeping growth habit, with small, dark green leaves. Its fruit is spherical and small, weighing under two grams. It produces mild yet intensely fruity oils. At AUBOCASSA, between eight and nine kilos of olives are needed to produce one litre of olive oil.

Olive Oil & Wine Bar, olive grove tours at AUBOCASSA.
Con motivo de dicha celebración, la finca acaba de inaugurar un selecto Olive Oil & Wine Bar cuyas puertas están abiertas para locales y turistas, donde se pueden degustar diariamente los aceites AUBOCASSA y L’AMO junto a una selección de vinos de Bodegas RODA y Bodegas LA HORRA.


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