Extra Virgin Olive Oil L’AMO 500ml Gift box

29,90  VAT included

L’AMO gift box

Gift box consisting of two 500 ml bottles of L’AMO.

Delivery to Mainland Spain 3 days,Europe 5 days.

The estate and L’AMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil go hand in hand and transmit the landscape and flavour of the Pla de Mallorca.


Why buy Virgin Extra Aubocassa oil?


Two L’AMO Extra Virgin Olive Oils; the perfect gift for that special occasion.

Weight 1 kg

Pla de Mallorca, Finca Aubocassa, Manacor, Majorca

0.5 l glass bottle


Cold extraction



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Payment is made through the bank gateway. It is a pre-shipment requirement and only one option is considered:

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Soil characteristics

Limestone flakes in laminar arrangement with interleaved clay layers. 80% of the land is covered with stones. Poor soil, very suitable for growing Mediterranean woody species.



Yellow green.




Very intense, citrus aromas of lemon zest and lemon leaves are appreciable at a distance of 5 cm from the glass.
As it gets closer to the nose, fine green herbal and mastic aromas take their turn.
On the edge of the glass vegetable gardens and tomatoes on the branch take over the leading role.
Inside, lies the fruit: apples, peaches, pears and kiwis.
In the background, the nuts, particularly green almonds.


Fresh, fluid texture, leaving a very pleasant, amiable sensation.
Green almonds and fresh fruit coat the mouth.
Delicate and intense.
A light sharpness stimulates the taste buds.

Tasting technique

In professional oil tastings, a small rounded cobalt blue or amber glass is used, which is covered with a watch glass. Before tasting, they are heated in a yoghurt maker at 28 ˚C, so the aromas volatilise. It is smelled in short aspirations, lifting the glass. The colour is not considered important.

This method, which is good for classifying the oils by quality, seems inappropriate for a descriptive, hedonistic tasting. We consider the appreciation of appearance and tonality very important to approach the oil with pleasure and the logistics should be simpler, so that it can be repeatable anywhere (restaurants, bars, homes, etc.).

We propose a method using transparent glass wine glasses with a wide receptacle to allow the aromas to accumulate and stratify.

The descriptors are collected in families so that the taster can think separately about each of them while tasting (vegetables, fruits, flowers, and so on).

It is not a question of looking for all of them in one oil. We have tried to describe a large number of notes that can be present in the different types of oil found on the market.
With practice, one can identify other hidden olfactory and gustatory registers present in this wonderful product. This can be turned into a fun, educational, entertaining activity for the senses.

Appreciations in the visual sphere

Put a little oil in a transparent stem glass.

Clean filtered (bright), clean decanted (transparent), veiled, veiled-opalescent.

Golden-yellow, yellow, greenish-yellow, yellow-green, green, dark green.

(moving the glass)

Swill to moisten the walls of the glass.
Let it rest for a few seconds.
Smell the aromas that emanate from the glass without sticking your nose in.
Introduce the nose into the cup (heavier aromas).

Types of aromas:

Green:Citrus, meadow grass, golf greens, vegetables – vegetable garden, green leaves, fig leaves, bitter greens, green wood.

Fruit:Apples, pears, strawberries, bananas, kiwis, lemons, mandarin oranges, grapefruit, green olives, ripe olives.

Vegetable:Tomatoes (plant, green, ripe, cooked), gazpacho, lettuce, green beans, cabbage, watercress, artichokes.

Chemical:Chemist’s, acetone.

Nuts:Almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts.

Aromatic:Spearmint, thyme, rosemary, sage, peppermint, dried herbs.

Mineral: Gas, phosphorus, graphite, gunpowder.

Take a sip and pass it all over the surface of the mouth.
Let some air pass through the oil.
Keep it a few seconds at mouth temperature.
Swallow it.


Watery, fluid, silky, unctuous, oily, rough.


Fresh, fruity, green, sweet, almondy, bitter, sharp (mouth, throat)


Intensity (short/long, flat/voluminous), taste (fresh, fruity, sweet)

Experience the pleasure of AUBOCASSA

About Aubocassa

The AUBOCASA estate was built in the 12th century but it was not until the 90s when the tour of the world of extra virgin olive oil began, revolutionising the sector by putting the sensations of the landscape in the foreground, without thinking about the yield. AUBOCASSA changes the landscape of extra virgin olive oil helping it to become an international benchmark today.