Reflections on extra virgin olive oil

AUBOCASSA hosts seminar with Agustín Santolaya and Isidro Palacios

Manacor, 16 de may, 2018

Agustín Santolaya, general director of AUBOCASSA, and Isidro Palacios, field manager, led a reflective seminar on extra virgin olive oil.  The event brought together chefs and sommeliers from Majorca to explore the healthy qualities of oil, its use in cuisine, the techniques and care of olive trees, responsible production and the sustainable development of olive oil.


This is the first of a series of seminars to be held at the property to promote oil knowledge and culture. AUBOCASSA, located in an old twelfth century estate in the Majorcan town of Manacor, is one of the few places where the flavour of the agricultural Majorca has managed to survive over time.


The property covers 24 hectares and is home to 7,380 olive trees, all of them of the Arbequina variety, an olive that adapts particularly well to poor soils, considered one of the best for making oil.  The olives from these trees are used to make AUBOCASSA, a smooth, fruit-laden olive oil, backed by the Oli de Mallorca Protected Designation of Origin.

AUBOCASSA has earned several national and international awards. L'AMO is a very special oil, a blend of Arbequina and Picual from several properties in the area.
This oil reflects the complexity, intensity, personality and strength of the Majorcan countryside. It is an oil that is deeply rooted in the land to complement the subtle, delicate, ethereal, refined profile of its older brother, AUBOCASSA.

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